In-Ovation® C Clear Braces

In-Ovation® C Clear Braces – A Clear Choice For Seamless Treatment

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In-Ovation® C Clear is a self-ligating bracket, which allows more control during treatment than more traditional brackets. Clear ceramic braces are a great choice if you are aesthetically conscious, as they let your natural tooth color show through, resulting in an almost invisible appearance.

In-Ovation “C” is a self-ligating bracket, which allows more control during orthodontic treatment than more traditional brackets.

What Is The Difference Between Clear Braces And Clear Aligners?

Clear braces are the same as traditional metal braces except that they are clear! Clear braces are a less noticeable alternative to traditional metal braces and provide patients with an equally effective orthodontic treatment.

Clear aligners are different from clear braces. Clear aligners are pieces of plastic that are designed to fit into your mouth like a mouth guard. Clear aligners may also be better for patients at Schechtman Orthodontics requiring only minor orthodontic treatment.

Are Clear Ceramic Braces Or Invisalign® Clear Aligners The Right Choice For My Smile And Me?

By talking with our award-winning Orthodontist, you can decide if clear ceramic braces or Invisalign® clear aligners are the right orthodontic treatment for you. Dr. Richard Schechtman can provide answers to your questions and extra information explaining the benefits of each treatment. If you would like to learn more about clear braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign® and all of the types of orthodontics available to you, please contact our orthodontics office at 310-205-5303 and schedule an appointment today.

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